Initiatives & Innovations

As part of our Governance Agreement commitment to being innovative, flexible and responsive along with our strategic goal of being a Centre of Excellence, Legal Aid Alberta is constantly improving services to enhance access to justice for Albertans.

Authorization Request Process

We’re making sure clients are getting the best service at the best price.

Centralized Duty Counsel Scheduling

A more efficient way to schedule duty counsel shifts across Alberta.

Change of Counsel

Addressing breakdowns in the lawyer-client relationship faster to minimize delays for clients.

Choice of Counsel

Putting our clients on a level playing field by letting them choose their own lawyer.

Criminal Trial Group

Bringing our team’s specialized expertise to the next level and making it available to Albertans who need it most.

Duty Counsel Crown Disclosure

Making sure our clients get continuity of service and are connected with the resources they need.

Early Appearance Assistance

We’re giving Albertans a way to deal with criminal matters by phone up to 14 days before their first court appearance — saving trips to the courthouse — and speeding up the process.

Family Law Assessment

Providing clients with service that’s customized to their situation, connecting them with the right resources early and making sure they know what to expect.

Lawyer Panels

Ensuring the most vulnerable Albertans have access to consistent high quality legal representation.

Out-of-Custody Triage

Responding to COVID-19 by finding new ways to address matters earlier and reduce in-person trips to the courthouse.

Phone System Upgrade

Improving service by ensuring reliable phone technology for us to respond to those in need.

Roster Agreement

Better business practices and stronger relationships with our valued roster lawyers.

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