Investing in innovative
solutions for Albertans

At Legal Aid Alberta, we are constantly seeking new ways to better support and serve Albertans.

Highlighted Initiatives

Client Gateway

LAA is focused on adding and enhancing access to justice for Albertans. Recognizing that not everyone can get in touch with us through the Contact Centre, LAA has found a solution that helps address this issue. The Client Gateway is a secure online portal that allows roster lawyers, LAA partners, and stakeholders to help these clients on the spot by filling out an online form in just a few minutes. The result is reduced client delays and a better experience overall.

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Tariff Modernization

In November 2022, LAA initiated a review of the Tariff of Fees – the billing codes roster lawyers use to invoice LAA on certificates. The Tariff Modernization Project has increased efficiencies by simplifying the invoicing process, providing roster lawyers with the proper recognition based on the complexity of the legal matter. The review has led to a new tariff structure based on block fees that can build on one another as files evolve, better reflecting the work required on a file. The new Tariff structure came into effect on April 1, 2023.

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The Criminal Trial Group

The Criminal Trial Group (CTG) represents youth and adults with criminal charges who have previously had multiple lawyers and face complex personal challenges such as mental health concerns, addiction, and housing issues. It’s not always the complexity of the legal matter that is challenging; legal issues and personal issues often go hand in hand, increasing the complexity of any matter. The CTG advances LAA’s ability to handle full-spectrum adult and youth criminal cases, from start to finish, including appeals.

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For Clients

To make a more accessible justice system, LAA is making it easier for Albertans to access LAA services regardless of location or technical capacity. Recent improvements include:

For Lawyers

LAA is streamlining and simplifying processes to improve client service and help lawyers focus on what they do best – advocating for Albertans. Recent improvements include:

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