Centralized Duty Counsel Scheduling

Efficiently scheduling duty counsel shifts in courthouses across the province.

Making sure there is an LAA lawyer on hand to serve as duty counsel in courthouses across the province is vital to support Albertans in need of legal advice – and it’s no small task.

LAA’s centralized duty counsel scheduling system, Shiftboard, helps efficiently manage all duty counsel shifts at courtrooms across the province. Shiftboard is accessible to duty counsel lawyers across Alberta online and through a mobile app. The platform replaced a cumbersome and time-consuming manual scheduling process. 

The streamlined Shiftboard process allows lawyers quick and easy access to schedules and to enter availability or initiate changes with a click of a button. 

Quick Facts:


2021 was a year of transformation of client service, access to justice, and our organization

For nearly 50 years, LAA has supported disadvantaged Albertans during perhaps the most challenging days of their lives.

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