Youth Criminal Law

Find out if you are eligible.

Do you need help with a youth criminal law matter?

Are you a youth (age 12-17) who has been charged with a crime?

All youth in Alberta are eligible to receive a lawyer when charged with a crime. Contact us by phone at 1.866.845.3425. You can also talk to duty counsel at your next court date.

Have you been arrested and released?

We can provide a duty counsel lawyer for your first court appearance, free of charge.

Are you being held in jail, or are you in police custody?

You can speak to a duty counsel lawyer by telephone 24/7, free of charge. You have the right to receive free legal advice from a lawyer 24 hours a day. Our reserved phone number is posted in all police stations.

Do you need help at court?

If you need help at court, we can provide a duty counsel lawyer who can help you apply for a lawyer, help you at bail hearings, give you initial legal advice, or represent you at court until a lawyer is appointed for you.

Are you a parent or guardian?

You can’t apply for legal aid on behalf of your child. All youth clients must contact Legal Aid Alberta directly by phone or speak to duty counsel at court.

Find out if you are eligible.
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