Family Law

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Do you need help with a family law matter?

Are you dealing with family breakdown?

We help with matters related to parenting, guardianship, child support, property actions, spousal support, and divorce.

Have you taken the Parenting After Separation course?

We strongly recommend that you take the Parenting After Separation course before you apply for legal aid services.

The course is free and is available online. The Court of King’s Bench requires that you take this course before you can file a court application.

Have you been referred to Resolution and Court Administration Services (RCAS)?

Services offered by RCAS include:

  • Mediation – you and your former partner can meet with a trained mediator who can help resolve your legal issues without going to court.
  • Assistance preparing and filing Family Law Act court applications.

If your matter is not resolved through RCAS, then you can contact us to apply for a lawyer.

Have you attended King’s Bench Family Docket Court?

If you want to proceed with a court application in the Court of King’s Bench in Edmonton or Calgary, you will need to attend King’s Bench Family Docket Court where the presiding justice will determine the next step for addressing your legal issues. Duty Counsel will be available to assist you.

Have you attended Alberta Court of Justice, Family Docket?

If you are proceeding with a court application in the Alberta Court of Justice, Duty Counsel will be able to assist you on your court date in certain locations across Alberta including Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, Wetaskiwin, Grande Prairie, Fort McMurray, Medicine Hat, and St. Paul.

Has your child become involved with Child and Family Services?

We can help with child welfare matters if your child has been taken away and you have been served with a guardianship or supervision application. Legal Aid Alberta only provides a lawyer for a supervision application if it is not the first time Child and Family Services have requested one or if drug testing is requested.

Has your child been abducted by a parent and taken to a foreign country?

Yes, we assist with Hague matters, however, clients do not apply directly to LAA.  Applications are sent to LAA from Alberta Justice.

Does your child need a lawyer?

We can help provide your child with a lawyer if the court orders a lawyer be appointed for your child in a high conflict family matter.


  • The court has deemed the matter to be a high conflict case.
  • There is a court order requesting LAA to appoint counsel for the child.

There is no financial eligibility requirement in child representation cases, however, child counsel is not a free service. The parents will have to pay for the child’s counsel.

Legal Aid Alberta does not appoint counsel for children in child welfare matters.

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