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“Without help from LAA, I don’t think my hearing would have gone through yet. I felt protected and had peace of mind.”
– Muhanad

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Protecting Families

Emergency Protection Orders

We can help if you are experiencing family violence and need protection.

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Support Services

Where to find help.

If we don’t offer a service you need, other organizations may be able to help.

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Your rights matter

Legal rights are a cornerstone of a democratic society; everyone deserves legal protection, regardless of the circumstances. While not everyone can afford a lawyer, every Albertan deserves access to a fair legal system.


Adult Criminal Law

Are you an adult (age 18+) who has been charged with a crime?

Youth Criminal Law

Are you a youth (age 12–17) who has been charged with a crime?

Family Law

Are you dealing with a divorce, separation, or child welfare issue?

Immigration and Refugee Law

Are you dealing with a refugee claim, removal appeal, detention review or admissibility hearing?

Family Violence Matters

Do you need an Emergency Protection Order (EPO) from an intimidating or violent family member?

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The Legal Aid Alberta lawyer directory is for clients applying for legal aid services. It can help you find and choose your preferred lawyer.

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