Choice of Counsel

Freedom for clients to choose their lawyer, creating fairness regardless of location.

Clients charged with an offense can choose their own lawyer to represent them. At Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) it is important that everyone has access to legal representation of their choice when facing criminal charges regardless of their location. To achieve this, LAA has implemented policy changes and systems upgrades to enable choice of counsel for clients. This allows clients in rural Alberta to have as similar access to Roster lawyers as those in larger centres.

LAA provides the option for clients to name their preferred choice of counsel, and LAA is usually able to meet those requests. LAA cannot always guarantee the preferred lawyer will accept the matter. Depending on the seriousness of their charges, clients can indicate their preference of counsel from within their local area, within Alberta, or across Canada. 

Regardless of where a client lives, or is charged, they will be able to receive equitable access to an experienced and knowledgeable Staff or Roster Lawyer of their choice. Allowing the client to choose their counsel, allows the client to play an active role in their representation. 

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