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Quality representation for Legal Aid Alberta clients.

LAA is committed to providing quality legal representation to clients across the province. One measure that’s making a difference is the establishment of lawyer panels.

A lawyer panel is a group of LAA staff and roster lawyers who commit to excellence in a particular area of law. These panels ensure consistent, high-quality representation in matters requiring in-depth knowledge in certain legal practice areas. These panels are made up of staff and roster lawyers from across the province with interest, aptitude, and experience representing:

  • Young people facing criminal charges;
  • Children in high-conflict parenting matters;
  • Complainants and witnesses exercising the right to respond to applications in criminal prosecutions, such as sexual offence trials in which the complainant’s medical or sexual history comes into question;
  • Parents seeking representation to respond to proceedings against the state in child welfare matters;
  • Clients charged with serious and complex criminal matters.

To be on a panel, lawyers must apply and demonstrate their experience while agreeing to ongoing professional development to strengthen their skills further and increase their knowledge. Panel members must also reapply when applications to join reopen every three years.

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