Financial Eligibility Guidelines Increase: FAQs

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Get the answers to your questions about the new Financial Eligibility Guidelines coming April 1. 

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The Alberta Ministry of Justice has announced the Financial Eligibility Guidelines to qualify for a Legal Aid Alberta lawyer will increase starting April 1, 2024. This means more Albertans will be eligible for legal aid, should they need it.  

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For individuals in a one-person household:

Current Guidelines – net income up to $21,668. 
Effective April 1, 2024 – net income up to $25,346. 

The income amounts for larger households – families with between two and six or more people – will also change proportionally effective April 1.

The new thresholds effective April 1 were calculated based on a gross income of $30,000 per year. We use net income to make our decisions equitable regardless of an individual client’s tax situation. 

The updated Financial Eligibility Guidelines will be available by April 1.

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Yes, you can reapply after April 1, 2024. Until then, our current guidelines still apply. 

Yes, we base our decisions on your net income and the number of people in your household. For more details, please visit our eligibility page. 

Legal Aid Alberta stands ready to continue providing high-quality legal services to existing and new qualified clients.

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No new services have been added with these financial guideline changes. To get a legal aid lawyer, your legal problem must be one that we cover (criminal, family, or immigration), and your net annual income and assets must be at or below our financial guidelines.

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The current Financial Eligibility Guidelines still apply until March 31. 

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