Expanded Travel Guidelines

Expanded Travel Guidelines – Enhancing Rural Access

Beginning on May 27, 2024, we are expanding the travel guidelines to allow travel on all levels of certificates when the client has preferred counsel. Offering travel options to clients’ chosen lawyers ensures equitable access to legal representation.

We are addressing a critical challenge for rural clients who face barriers to accessing their chosen counsel due to geographical limitations. This change broadens their options and ensures clients can work with their preferred counsel regardless of where and what their legal issues are.

Expanded travel guidelines, complemented by a user-friendly lawyer directory, will transform how clients find and choose a legal aid lawyer.

Online information sessions for roster lawyers: May 23, 24, 30 and 31.

Key Benefits

  • Ensures equitable access to counsel.
  • Intended to speed up offer acceptance time.
  • LAA will continue to offer priority and complex matters to staff lawyers and lawyer panels to ensure high-quality, effective representation for our most disadvantaged clients.

Support and Resources

If you have questions about travel policy updates or need assistance registering for an information session, please contact [email protected]

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