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DC Portal Access for Roster Duty Counsel

We are taking a giant leap forward with our Duty Counsel Portal. The Duty Counsel Portal is critical for our duty counsel lawyers providing frontline legal aid services. The Portal gives our lawyers access to the information they need to effectively support client inquiries at the courthouses. 

Starting on May 27, 2024, we’re pleased to announce that access to the DC Portal will be extended to our criminal docket court roster duty counsel lawyers.

Previously, only staff lawyers had access. Now, roster DC can utilize the DC Portal, facilitating improved information sharing among our frontline DC lawyers and enhancing client service continuity.

Online training sessions for roster lawyers: May 23, 24, 30 and 31.

Key Benefits

  • Enables criminal duty counsel across Alberta to check a client’s application status in real-time, resulting in streamlined docket appearances for clients.
  • Allows roster DC to check client status updates, saves time, and reduces the workload on our staff DC.
  • Streamlines the process by eliminating the need for frequent emails and phone calls from roster DC to check client status updates.
  • Promotes the use of the Client Gateway form among roster DC, as it’s easily accessible through the DC Portal, leading to more efficient processing of Gateway applications.

Support and Resources

Training and reference material will be available for all Duty Counsel lawyers. If you have questions about DC Portal Enhancements or need assistance registering for a training session, please contact [email protected]

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