Governance Agreement Respecting Legal Aid Extended, Negotiations to Resume

Joint Statement from the Minister of Justice, Legal Aid Alberta and the Law Society of Alberta

Legal Aid Alberta
July 05, 2024

EDMONTON, AB – The Minister of Justice, Legal Aid Alberta and the Law Society of Alberta agree to extend the recently expired Governance Agreement until September 5, 2024.

The extension ensures the independence of Legal Aid Alberta. All parties agree this is necessary to carry out its mission of upholding the Rule of Law and protecting the rights of disadvantaged Albertans in the justice system.

This allows the three parties time to finalize the negotiation of a new Governance Agreement that provides for a long term and independent legal aid program.

The parties expect that negotiations will be productive, therefore, with an extension of the Governance Agreement in place, Legal Aid Certificates will continue to be issued.

The justice system will continue to operate while the parties focus on resuming negotiations and we will not be engaging further with the media at this time.

“Alberta’s government remains committed to ensuring legal aid is available to all Albertans and remains sustainable for the long-term. We will continue to engage with Legal Aid Alberta and the Law Society of Alberta to finalize an agreement in the best interest of Albertans.”
Mickey Amery, KC, Minister of Justice

“We look forward to good faith negotiations and establishing a long-term Governance Agreement that ensures independent legal advice and assistance for vulnerable and disadvantaged Albertans in the justice system.”
Ryan Callioux, KC, Board Chair, Legal Aid Alberta

“Legal Aid Alberta plays an important role in the justice system and an independent, well-functioning legal aid system is essential to the administration of justice in Alberta. Accordingly, we look forward to participating in productive negotiations towards a new Governance Agreement.”
Deanna Steblyk, KC, President, Law Society of Alberta

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