Ask A Lawyer: Duty Counsel Day and the impact of duty counsel lawyers

Duty Counsel Day is Oct. 27 during Access to Justice Week in Canada.

Communications and Public Relations
October 06, 2021

Every day, in every courthouse in Alberta, duty counsel lawyers working with Legal Aid Alberta give free, brief legal advice to anyone making a first appearance in court.

Any one of us can find ourselves in court and in need of a duty counsel lawyer. It could be an unpaid traffic ticket and missed court appearance that leads to an arrest; or a young person’s lapse in judgement that brings them into conflict with the law. Every day, people find themselves in need and every day, duty counsel lawyers answer the call.

Legal Aid Alberta President and CEO John Panusa explains the impact duty counsel lawyers have and why Canada is celebrating the access to justice they provide to all Canadians.

Watch: Duty Counsel Day and the importance of the impact of duty counsel lawyers

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Duty Counsel Day and Access to Justice Week in Canada

October 27 is Duty Counsel Day in Canada – a chance to learn about our legal right counsel. Anyone can end up in the justice system and many who do are at a disadvantage. That’s why duty counsel exists. To protect our rights, to be our voice.

October 27
National online event
3 p.m. Mountain Time
Register online

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