A message from the Chair of the LAA Board of Directors

Legal Aid AB
August 25, 2022

August 19, 2022 — As the Legal Aid Board Chair, on behalf of the Board and Legal Aid Alberta, it is our honour to partner with the over 1,200 roster lawyers that deliver essential legal services to tens of thousands of disadvantaged Albertans every year. We value your work and shared commitment to access to justice in Alberta. You are essential to a properly functioning justice system.

We recognize that concerns have been expressed by the roster about the tariff rate and the Government of Alberta’s overall funding package for Legal Aid Alberta. We support a principled debate about how legal aid funding contributes to the administration of justice for all Albertans, including an informed discussion about the adequacy of the tariff rate paid to lawyers. I can also report that at the current tariff rate, Legal Aid Alberta has received sufficient funds to support the delivery of services as outlined in the Governance Agreement.

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