Duty Counsel-Crown Prosecutor Disclosure

Continuity of service for our clients while ensuring they are connected with the resources they need.

Duty Counsel is responsible for providing limited or temporary guidance or representation to clients. In 2020 Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) Duty Counsel lawyers began requesting disclosure from the Crown. This allowed Duty Counsel lawyers to better assess charges and create a plan of action tailored specifically to the circumstances, empowering them to provide more reliable guidance and referrals. 

Crown Disclosure is a collection of records that paints the picture of an investigation, including any evidence likely to be presented against the accused. It’s just one piece in the legal puzzle–and can help shape how a case unfolds. 

Once disclosure has been requested, the Crown Prosecutors are responsible for providing all evidence that could potentially assist the accused, even if it is not utilized in court. Having access to this evidence helps ensure that proceedings are fair and transparent for the client. 

Duty Counsel – Crown Prosecutor Disclosure is an important part of LAA’s strategic priority to ensure that our services are accessible and delivered fairly to Albertans. 

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