Duty Counsel Schedules

All your shifts in one easy-to-use app.

Are you a duty counsel lawyer for LAA? Here’s everything you need to know about LAA’s new scheduling system, coming in early 2022.

Starting in 2022, schedules for duty counsel lawyers working across Alberta will be available in one easy-to-access location. LAA’s new centralized duty counsel scheduling system is called Shiftboard and you can check it on your computer or phone, wherever you are. How exciting!

Hear what our users are saying about Shiftboard duty counseling scheduling

“Easy to understand.”

“It was quick.”

“The training was very clear.”

Why is LAA changing the duty counsel scheduling process?
We’re acting on valuable feedback from duty counsel lawyers about making improvements to the scheduling process. A modern, centralized system creates significant efficiencies. For lawyers, it means less time scrolling through emails or calling us to ask for schedule changes, and more time serving clients.

How is central scheduling an improvement for LAA?
The current scheduling process involves a lot of back-and-forth between a lot of people. Frequent emails and phones calls between lawyers and our staff is quite time consuming. With central scheduling, LAA staff can enter duty counsel shifts for all courtrooms in Alberta directly into the Shiftboard scheduling system. All you have to do is log in and sign up. You can request changes in a single click. No more long email threads or phone calls needed. Time saved!

How is central scheduling better for lawyers?
Shiftboard scheduling will make your life much easier, freeing up more time to serve clients. Simply open the app and check your schedule for the coming weeks, or submit a change in a single click. It’s that easy to plan your life in advance.

Why not put schedules on Lawyer Portal?
Lawyer Portal is a useful tool for billing, payments and other critical functions. However, after significant market research and technical considerations, we are confident that Shiftboard is the right solution to meet our unique needs for scheduling. Please continue to use Lawyer Portal to conduct regular business with LAA.

Shiftboard FAQ

What is Shiftboard? 
Shiftboard is an online scheduling system. It is one of the most flexible tools on the market. It’s been uniquely customized to meet the scheduling needs of duty counsel lawyers in courts across Alberta.

How does Shiftboard work? 
Shiftboard is a one-stop-shop to create and check duty counsel schedules. It’s easy to access online or through an app on your phone. As a lawyer, you can check your upcoming schedule and plan time away.

Can I check Shiftboard on the go?
You bet! Download the Shiftboard app to your phone. Log in and you can check your schedule on the spot. You can also sign up for text message alerts so you never miss getting notified about a new shift.

Who can access Shiftboard?
Roster lawyers who provide duty counsel services, LAA staff duty counsel lawyers, and people at LAA who schedule duty counsel shifts.

How can I access Shiftboard?
You will download the app on your phone or bookmark the link on your laptop. Current roster lawyers who provide duty counsel services will have a login set up automatically. New duty counsel need to attend training to get their login.

What if I need help with Shiftboard?
We doubt you’ll have many questions, it’s that easy! Be sure to read the Shiftboard 101 document, and if you still have questions email [email protected] for support.

Is there training being offered for how to use Shiftboard?
Training sessions have finished but you can click here to watch a recorded session.

Last updated: April 28, 2022


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