Roster Update

Submit your duty counsel accounts within 30 days of acting as duty counsel

February 12, 2021 – As you know, under LAA’s administrative policies, roster lawyers must submit a final invoice within six months of when they complete work on a certificate. But, when possible, we’d like our roster lawyers to submit their duty counsel certificates earlier – and ideally, within 30 days of when you acted as duty counsel.

Why? When you submit an invoice for a duty counsel certificate, LAA also collects statistics about how many people you’ve assisted. We rely on these statistics to document how many Albertans you’re assisting and to forecast demand for our services. If we wait six months for these numbers, by the time we receive them, they’re already out-of-date.

By submitting your duty counsel account within 30 days, you are not only getting paid more quickly, you’re also helping LAA prove how roster lawyers like you help thousands of people every day.

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