Criminal Duty Counsel Training


Curious about accepting criminal duty counsel work? This virtual training session provides an introduction to roster lawyers interested in becoming criminal duty counsel.

Learn more about:

  • The objectives of the duty counsel program.
  • The types of criminal duty counsel services provided by LAA.
  • The Dos and Don’ts of being duty counsel.
  • Strategies for resolving common issues and complaints.
  • Service eligibility for LAA and duty counsel’s role.
  • Tracking outcome statistics.

Note: This training session is for roster lawyers interested in accepting criminal duty counsel work on behalf of Legal Aid Alberta for the first time. If you are already criminal roster duty counsel you are not required to attend.

In addition to attending one training session, attendees are required to complete a period of work shadowing which will be arranged at a later date.


Danny Lynn
Senior Advisory Counsel, Criminal Law

Lindsay Hoban
Sr. Manager Justice Services Operations

Inayat Jetha
Legal Services Manager

Katie Cleary
 Staff Lawyer

Andrew Holko
Staff Lawyer

The current sessions have concluded. 

Interested in a attending a future session, please let us by emailing [email protected]


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