Roster Event Recordings

May 16, 2024: Advocating Before the Immigration and Refugee Board - Year in Review

Legal Aid Alberta Immigration Team Lead Ruth Williams hosts an online review of the training offered by LAA over the past year for practice before the Immigration and Refugee Board.

March 22, 2024: Insights on the SCC and An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families

Legal Aid Alberta hosts Dr. Hadley Friedland and Koren Lightning for a presentation on the recent decision from the Supreme Court of Canada upholding An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families.

March 20, 2024 : Legal Aid for Working Albertans - What You Need to Know

Beginning April 1, 2024, changes to eligibility criteria will widen access to legal aid representation for Albertans. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and learn how Legal Aid Alberta can assist you or someone you know.

Feb. 9, 2024: Empowering your client for success - Admissibility hearings, detentions reviews and removal appeals

Whether you’re just starting out or having been practicing for years, you’re invited to a virtual training session on admissibility hearings, detention reviews and removal appeals that will sharpen your skills and empower your clients.

Oct. 13, 2023: Setting up your client for success - Refugee claims, appeals and judicial reviews

Whether you’re new to immigration law or have been practicing it for years, don’t miss an opportunity to refine your skills and set your client up for success with a refresher on refugee claims, refugee appeals and judicial reviews.

Sept. 19, 2023: How to confidently invoice under the criminal tariff

Whether you have been practicing criminal law for years, are new to the roster, or are a legal assistant responsible for submitting invoices to LAA, this is an opportunity to enhance your knowledge on invoicing for criminal certificates.

Sept. 5, 2023: How to confidently invoice under the family and civil tariff

If you are a roster lawyer in family law practice or a legal assistant responsible for submitting invoices to LAA, this is an opportunity to learn or refresh your knowledge on how to invoice for family certificates.

April 18, 2023: LAA Modernized Tariff Implementation Training

Legal Aid Alberta’s new tariff launched on April 1, 2023. All roster lawyers are invited to review the recording of our online training sessions to learn about the new LAA tariff structure and how to use it.

Dec. 16, 2022: An Act Respecting First Nations, Inuit and Métis Children, Youth and Families

Legal Aid Alberta hosted a virtual information session on the act featuring guest speakers from the Wahkohtowin Law and Governance Lodge, University of Alberta.

Nov. 22, 2022: Mental Health and the Criminal Code

This session covers a variety of topics relating to mental health and the criminal code including forensic psychiatry for lawyers, understanding and challenge risk assessments, the law of fitness, trauma informed practice, as well as details on the Alberta Review Board, Mental Health Act, and Mental Health Court.

Oct. 25, 2022: Standing up for Albertans - How to become a legal aid duty counsel lawyer

Find out what it takes to become duty counsel in Alberta. Learn about the different services duty counsel provides, the objectives and expectations of the role, and tips for dealing with common challenges.

Oct 4, 2022: Detention Reviews and Removal Appeals

LAA staff lawyers and guest speakers from the CBSA, Immigration and Refugee Board and Immigration Appeals Division provide helpful tips and tricks.

May 27, 2022: Client Management Strategies

Dos and don’ts to effectively represent your legal aid client.

April 27, 2022: Billing Tips and Tricks for Assistants

Invoicing can be an uphill battle. We’re here to make it as easy as 1, 2, 3!

March 24, 2022: An Insider look at JP Bail

Ever wondered how the Justice of the Peace Bail process operates? Learn the ins and outs from Legal Aid Alberta’s JP Bail insiders.

March 9, 2022: Legal Aid Alberta at a Glance

A refresher on important stats and facts about criminal, family and immigration law services at LAA.

February 28, 2022: Immigration and Refugee Law

The pandemic has ramped up stress for immigration and refugee claimants. Gain insights on the challenges and new opportunities.

January 28, 2022: Family Lawyer's Guide to the Tariff

Spend more time helping your clients and less time worrying about paperwork.

January 26, 2022: Criminal Lawyer's Guide to the Tariff

Tired of guesswork?

This webinar provides the definitive guide to billing the criminal tariff.

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