Every woman counts at Legal Aid Alberta

International Women’s Day: 14 inspiring examples of LAA women standing up for access to justice

Legal Aid AB
March 07, 2023

Every year on March 8, Legal Aid Alberta joins organizations and nations across the world to celebrate International Women’s Day. This year’s theme is Every Woman Counts. At LAA, we are taking time to celebrate how women in the legal profession are making significant contributions to access to justice, standing up for people’s rights, and raising awareness about fairness and equity.

This year recognizes that every woman counts — regardless of age or background. The women of LAA play a critical role in delivering high quality, trustworthy legal services to Albertans in need, whether it’s a family going through divorce, a child welfare case, or someone at a disadvantage involved in the criminal justice system.

Women have a significant footprint across LAA. They represent clients in court, provide legal and administrative support services behind the scenes, and work hard to ensure quality, timely services in our busy Contact Centre. They are people you can count on.

Here are few highlights from the past year that demonstrate the dedication, knowledge, and achievements of women at LAA.

Keeping families safe

1. Dealing with a family breakdown? Lawyer Caitlin Zeran has some tips for you.

2. Ask a Lawyer: Gwen May and the supports for families facing domestic violence

3. Webinar: Krista McFadyen on family violence prevention

4. LAA takes home two Alberta Community Justice Awards for leadership

Support for Indigenous Albertans

5. Lawyers Shalayn Martel and Tania Sarkar on the frontlines of Edmonton’s Indigenous Court

Lifelong dedication to the field of law and access to justice

6. JP Bail lawyers Lori MacKay and Melina Yannacoulias mark 120,000 bail hearings

7. LAA ‘s Jessica Chapman and Andrea Doyle recognized for their dedication to Albertans

8. From clients to fellow lawyers, Legal Services Manager Vanessa Cork is there to help

Next generation of access to justice leaders

9. LAA’s Tayla Basawa gets experience of a lifetime with LAA’s Indigenous Summer Student Program

10. UAlberta student Casey Caines is a step closer to understanding her role within the justice system

Welcoming newcomers to Canada

11. Why Contact Centre Intake Officer Jenny Le says working at LAA is an opportunity to give back

12. Ask a Lawyer: Ruth Williams on refugee supports for those in Ukraine and beyond

Photo of Jenny Le


Champions for a Therapeutic Approach to Justice

13. Breaking the cycle of addiction: Sonia Haer helping Albertans through Edmonton’s Drug Treatment Court

A Voice for Alberta Youth

14. Teen in trouble? Karen McGowan has advice for parents with children in conflict with the law

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