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Is chasing paper a thing of the past?

Apr 23, 2021

Just think of all the paper we haven’t used in the past year!

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Busted: Five Myths about Legal Aid Alberta

Apr 16, 2021

For one reason or another, the legal profession lends itself to books, plays, and big- and small-screen dramas. Everyone has their favourites. (We’re partial to Suits, the CBC’s Diggstown, and on...

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Ask A Lawyer: immigration and refugee claims and the pandemic

Apr 7, 2021

Legal Aid Alberta responds to new challenges and changes to the way applications are handled.

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On the frontlines with Legal Aid Alberta family lawyers

Mar 26, 2021

LAA family lawyers Vanessa Cork, based in Lethbridge, and Kevin Livingstone, in Wetaskiwin, work with families in crisis.

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In cases of life or death, Legal Aid Alberta guides refugees to safety in Canada

Mar 19, 2021

“You’re saving lives and saving families, and giving people hope.”

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Three cheers for LAA’s new board of directors

Mar 11, 2021

Legal Aid Alberta welcomes trio of new directors taking seats at the table.

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In The News

Legal Aid Alberta lawyer praises success of special ‘drug courts’ to help addicted get back on track
Alberta’s Drug Treatment Courts are an effective way of changing lives by breaking the cycle of crime and addiction, says Legal Aid Alberta staff duty counsel lawyer Sonia Haer. Alberta has opened four new Drug Treatment Courts in the past year.
Canadian Lawyer | January 7, 2022

Legal Aid Alberta lawyer explains how Drug Treatment Court works
Millions of people struggle with addictions – it crosses all boundaries. Innovative Drug Treatment Courts are changing lives and helping break the cycle of addiction and crime, say LAA staff duty counsel Sonia Haer.
Global News Edmonton | January 4, 2022

Drug Treatment Court helps break the cycle of criminality
Going through Drug Treatment Court is “harder than going to jail,” says LAA staff duty counsel Brett Carlson, who represents clients at the court. “You have to fundamentally change yourself.”
Lethbridge Herald | December 31, 2021

Co-parenting during the holidays: Q & A with Legal Aid Alberta family lawyer
LAA staff family lawyer Jessica Chapman offers insights into holiday planning for families with shared custody of children.
Edmonton Journal | December 18, 2021

Shared custody needs to put children’s safety first
Co-parenting is challenging at the best of times, and during the pandemic an extra level of complexity arises. LAA family lawyer Jessica Chapman offers insights on planning for safe holiday visits.
Medicine Hat News | December 16, 2021

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