Roster Agreement

Better business practices and stronger relationships with our valued roster lawyers.

As part of our strategic commitment to operate as a unified, innovative, and sustainable organization, we have introduced a roster lawyer agreement, effective May 2021. The agreement is a contract that helps eliminate any uncertainties about roster lawyer’s legal relationships with LAA.

As demand for LAA services continues to climb, we need to update existing business processes and practices to better serve our clients and valued roster lawyers.  LAA’s management, our Board of Directors, and other stakeholders have identified a roster agreement as a strategic priority.

Many other legal aid plans in Canada already require their roster lawyers to enter into similar written agreements. And because LAA is a publicly funded organization that is accountable to its funders, this kind of agreement is one way to reduce business risk and protect our collective future in Alberta.

Want to know more about how LAA works with roster lawyers across Alberta?

Members of the LAA roster are independent Alberta lawyers who have registered with LAA to provide services on behalf of the organization.

Joining LAA
Help all Albertans access justice and get valuable experience.

Signing with LAA
The roster agreement is a new process for roster lawyers joining LAA.

Working with LAA
Clear, accountable, client-centric administration policies.

At Legal Aid Alberta, we help some of Alberta’s most vulnerable citizens. This is an impactful responsibility. By keeping our focus on staying accountable to Albertans, even in the middle of a pandemic, we’re innovating and re-imagining processes to deliver access to justice, making the best use of our expertise and resources, so that we can make the biggest possible impact in our province.

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