Justice of the Peace Bail Program

When arrested, we protect your fundamental rights.

LAA’s Justice of the Peace (JP) bail duty counsel section works collaboratively with the courts and Alberta Justice to make prompt and effective access to justice a reality for all Albertans, from their first point of contact with the justice system.

Many Albertans are at a disadvantage if they are arrested. They can be too frightened, confused or overwhelmed to exercise their rights or make informed decisions.

Without immediate information and advice from experienced defence counsel, an arrested person has limited access to justice and may inadvertently forfeit his or her fundamental rights. One right that might be inadvertently forfeited is the right to a release hearing within 24 hours, which may be essential to the person’s staying employed or being home for children.

LAA’s JP bail lawyers are available to inform, advise, and even represent arrested people in official court bail hearings, all by telephone.

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Quick facts

  • Implemented in 2018
  • JP bail lawyers are available 8 a.m. to midnight, 365 days per year

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At Legal Aid Alberta, we help some of Alberta’s most disadvantaged citizens. This is an impactful responsibility. By keeping our focus on staying accountable to Albertans, we’re innovating and re-imagining processes to deliver access to justice, making the best use of our expertise and resources, so that we can make the biggest possible impact in our province.

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