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Billing Tariff 1.37 – Multiple Charges

Tariff 1.37 (Multiple Charges) can only be charged where multiple Informations/Dockets are resolved together on the same day. Per the Tariff:

Tariff 1.37 is an outcome tariff meaning the additional Informations/Dockets on the certificate(s) must have been concluded.

Tariff 1.37 was designed to compensate Counsel for one hour of time per additional Information/Docket resolved during a global resolution – the tariff refers to a “set of additional charges” not “per additional charge”. In other words, you cannot charge 1.37 per charge on an Information/Docket.

This rule still applies when you have more than one certificate for a single client – if you globally resolve your client’s 3 certificates at the same time, you can only charge Tariff 1.27 for the guilty plea on one certificate and Tariff 1.37 once per set of additional charges/Information/Dockets that were resolved on the other two certificates.

In another example, if one certificate has four Information/Dockets and one of them is withdrawn on May 12, and then the three others have guilty pleas on May 21, counsel may bill for one withdrawal of charge, one guilty plea and two hours of multiple charges.

If you have a Certificate with 13 Informations/Dockets, and you resolve all at the same time with a guilty plea and joint submission – you would charge 1.27 once and 12 x Tariff 1.37.

You can only charge Tariff 1.37 up to 10 times per Certificate so if you enter “12” in line item 1.37 the invoice will not validate. To get the approval to charge the extra two Tariff 1.37 submit an Authorization Request in the Lawyer Portal under Tariff 7.04 – Additional Hours and request two hours.

If you have assisted the client in entering a guilty plea to get them into Drug Treatment Court, you CAN bill 1.37 if more than one Information/docket was resolved that day.

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