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Billing experts and expert witness fees

Experts and Expert Witness Fees tariff items are special disbursements that require prior approval through the Authorization Request process. To obtain approval, submit an authorization request under the Expert or Expert Witness fee tariff, fill out the required fields and attach the estimate or quote from your proposed expert.

When billing, remember that:

  • You cannot charge any amount above that which was approved by LAA. If your expert required more hours or funding above what was originally approved, you must submit a further authorization request for the difference.
  • You must attach the invoice to the line item even though you have obtained approval for the special disbursement item.
  • GST is automatically added to your invoice amount in Lawyer Portal. If there is no GST on the expert invoice, you will need to uncheck the GST applicable box.

If your invoice was rejected, it may be because:

  • The invoice from your expert already included GST but you forgot to uncheck the GST applicable box (aka double charging GST).
  • You’ve forgotten to attach the direct invoice from the expert.
  • You’re trying to bill more than was originally approved in your authorization request.

If you have any questions or trouble invoicing for an expert, please contact [email protected].

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