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What to do when your client has new charges

July 20, 2023

We value the commitment of our roster lawyers to high quality, effective client service. By expediting the appointing process for clients facing new charges, we are able to serve Albertans more efficiently. 

To request additional coverage for a client who already has a certificate and is facing new charges, there are two approaches. Familiarizing yourself with the correct methods and best practices, outlined below, will greatly streamline your work and benefit your clients.

Section 145 (Breaches of Conditions) – Lawyer Portal 

Allegations under this Section allow submitting an authorization request right through the Lawyer Portal by simply clicking on “Add Legal Issue”.  

It is worth noting that you do not need to present a separate request for each piece of new information and can combine all of them into one submission.  

All other charges (including allegations of breaches under Section 733) – Client Gateway 

In this case, you can submit all new substantive charges, as well as 733 breaches, through the online Client Gateway. 

Please note, that all Roster Lawyers have a pre-setup access to the Client Gateway and can sign in with: 

Username = a combination of your Lawyer Portal username with “”  

Password = your Lawyer Portal password. 

For example: Atticus Finch would sign in as [email protected], even though his personal email may be [email protected]. 

If you need hands-on assistance with completing online forms, please use Client Gateway Quick Reference Guide. 

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