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Update to allocated hours on family certificates

January 24, 2023 – Legal Aid Alberta is committed to continually improving efficiencies. Our teams work hard behind the scenes to ensure that we are providing the best service to our clients and supporting our roster. With the creation of the LAA Family Assessment Team, we have been able to carefully monitor billing and the average time it takes to complete most family certificates. We also appreciated the valuable feedback and helpful comments that we received from our roster.

As of now, all family offers accepted on and after Nov. 28, 2022 are now allocated a minimum of 20 hours, which correlates to the current average billing requirement to complete a matter. We’re pleased to confirm that this change was made as a result of our assessment work and roster feedback.

As before, if a certificate cannot be concluded within the allocated hours, additional hours can continue to be requested through the Authorization Request process under Tariff 7.05.

Legal issues deemed priority matters by Legal Aid such as child welfare, EPOs and independent counsel for the children remain a 30-hour certificate.

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