Roster Update

Roster Update on Expired Governance Agreement

July 4, 2024

To our valued Roster Lawyers,

As of now, we have not received any official information from the Government of Alberta regarding the status of the current Governance Agreement. Legal Aid Alberta is prepared to meet with the Government, as our ultimate goal has always been to return to the negotiating table.

We’re disappointed and concerned by the amount of confusing and misleading information circulating about Legal Aid Alberta’s funding and services. We want to clarify unequivocally that Legal Aid Alberta has faced significantly rising costs over the past several years, primarily driven by government policy and inflation.

As you know, the “number of clients” we serve are full-representation files only, and do not provide the full picture of the demand for legal aid services in Alberta. Not does it capture Emergency Protection Orders, expansion of services such as our Justice of the Peace Bail program or increases to the tariff and Financial Eligibility Guidelines. See LAA Financial Primer.

Our goal remains unchanged: to return to the negotiating table to discuss a long-term Governance Agreement. Legal rights are democratic rights. This agreement must ensure the independence of Legal Aid Alberta to carry out our mission of upholding the Rule of Law and protecting disadvantaged Albertans in the justice system.

Thank you for all your support.


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