Roster Update

Increase to hourly tariff rate announced by Alberta Ministry of Justice

December 21, 2022

The Ministry of Justice has today authorized an additional interim 25 per cent increase to tariff rates paid to roster lawyers effective Jan. 1, 2023. This increase brings the hourly tariff rate to $125 from $100. Block fees will also be increased accordingly. 

As we have done during previous holiday closures, any offers that are at “offer issued” or “reminder sent” status when Legal Aid Alberta closes for the holidays December 23, 2022, will have their expiry date modified to end of day January 3, 2023. If you have an offer and accept it on or after Jan. 1 please note it will be at the new rate.  

This new rate follows an increase of 8.225 per cent authorized October 6, 2022. At that time, the Ministry also committed to a full, fair and comprehensive assessment of the tariff rate and Financial Eligibility Guidelines in spring 2023.   

This work is continuing. We look forward to being engaged as a stakeholder. We will keep you informed as this project moves forward.

Legal Aid Alberta Fast Facts  

  • 35,000 clients 
  • 61,000 active files 
  • 1,200 roster lawyers 
  • 300 staff 
  • 75 communities served 
  • 50 years helping Albertans 


  • Roster lawyers who do legal aid are not employees of LAA but are contracted by LAA to provide legal advice and representation services. Roster lawyers come from the private bar, which means they have their own practice and/or work for a private law firm. Learn more.   
  • Staff lawyers work as employees at Legal Aid Alberta. They bring special knowledge and skills to serve people facing significant legal and life challenges. Staff lawyers practice criminal, family and immigration law and provide duty counsel services in docket and therapeutic courts across the province.  
  • Duty counsel are staff and roster lawyers who help people understand the court process and who give free legal advice to people representing themselves at their first court appearance. Duty counsel is found at the courthouse and most often speak to clients before their court appearance. They do not become involved in trials. Learn more 
  • Tariff of fees (tariff): The Legal Aid Alberta Tariff of Fees dictates how lawyers accounts should be paid/how much they may bill their clients. Learn more 

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