In-person immigration workshop prompts insightful discussions in immigration law

More than 40 roster lawyers attend in-person workshops to learn and discuss the latest legal developments in immigration and refugee claims

Legal Aid AB
November 22, 2023

This month over 40 roster lawyers attended immigration workshops hosted at Legal Aid Alberta’s law offices in Calgary and Edmonton.

During the sessions roster lawyers had the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of immigration law and practice. The workshops included discussions around new Immigration Refugee Board guidelines, case law updates, refugee adjudication, and client management best practices.

“This particular workshop model allows lawyers to be more engaged with the subject matter,” says staff lawyer Ruth Williams who leads LAA’s immigration legal team. “They can ask specific questions and get the fulsome responses they’re looking for.”

In-person training prompts engaging discussions on law

The sessions marked a return to in-person training for roster lawyers following the COVID-19 pandemic. For many legal practitioners, the in-person setting provided a platform to explore complex legal areas, engage in meaningful discussions, and establish connections with peers. Williams emphasized the importance of building a professional network for ongoing support and knowledge sharing.

Lawyers describe the opportunity to connect in person as particularly helpful in learning about immigration law and general practices: “I always enjoy being able to discuss and share perspectives,” says one participant. “I am thankful we had an opportunity to come together in person.”

Professional development a cornerstone of legal practice

Continuing education remains a vital part of professional growth for lawyers: by being active participants in learning about legal aid services and the law, lawyers are showcasing their commitment to better serve their clients and building their knowledge in their field.

“Engaging in the training helps develop and grow your skills in a meaningful way,” says Williams. “It’s a cornerstone of a successful and thriving practice.”


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