Ask a Lawyer: Elder abuse

Legal Aid Alberta family lawyers increasingly concerned by cases of elder abuse. Legal protections are available for Alberta seniors.

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October 14, 2022

With domestic violence on the rise, elder abuse is becoming an increasing concern in Alberta communities.

Jessica Chapman, Family Lawyer with Legal Aid Alberta, appeared on Global TV’s Ask a Lawyer to explain what elder abuse is and the legal protections available for seniors.

What is elder abuse? 

Elder abuse is not exclusive to physical, sexual or verbal abuse. “There are aspects that are particular in cases of elder abuse which can include financial abuse, misuse of restraints and abuse of prescription drugs.” Examples of financial abuse are individuals withdrawing money from an elder’s account, transferring land titles and bank accounts under the guise of offering help to an elder.

Seniors can experience abuse from both within and outside of the family, says Chapman. “Seniors may take in adult children who become abusive to them, who may have their own struggles with mental health and drug addiction, and it can be hard for parents of the child to turn them away.”

Protections are available to you

“You deserve protections and you don’t have to put up with abuse,” Chapman says.  Legal Aid Alberta is here to help with protection orders, including remote applications and leave of the court applications to provide support for seniors.

“We all have a responsibility in our neighbourhoods and communities to watch out for each other.”

Watch the video below to learn more about elder abuse and the protections available:

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