Legal Aid Alberta Fast Facts

Legal Aid Alberta Fast Facts

Fast Facts provide a current snapshot into Legal Aid Alberta (LAA) services, operations and people.

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Demand for legal aid never stops.

At any given time, Legal Aid Alberta represents approximately 35,000 Albertans who need comprehensive legal assistance. Our staff and roster of private-practice lawyers serve in 75 communities across the province, managing over 64,000 active files.

Approximately 80 per cent of LAA client files are for adult criminal matters.

In addition to this work, LAA’s Justice of the Peace Bail program handles approximately 30,000 bail hearings annually. Protecting people facing family violence, our lawyers apply for more than 2,000 Emergency Protection Orders every year.

Duty counsel lawyers serve countless thousands of Albertans every year by providing free legal advice to anyone appearing in court for their first time.

Who we serve

  • People who are unrepresented in court.
  • Albertans who are under arrest and being held in custody.
  • People experiencing family violence or family breakdown.
  • Parents involved in child welfare cases.
  • Youth and adults charged with crime.
  • Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH) recipients whose legal issues are covered by LAA.
  • Refugees and newcomers to Canada.


Main offices

  • Edmonton
  • Calgary
Exterior view of the Revillon Building in Edmonton, Legal Aid Alberta headquarters.

Regional offices

Northern Alberta

  • Fort McMurray
  • Grande Prairie

Central Alberta

  • Red Deer
  • Wetaskiwin

Southern Alberta

  • Siksika Nation 
  • Lethbridge
  • Medicine Hat

Low-cost legal services

Clients who qualify for comprehensive legal aid coverage are required to pay fees that are more affordable than those charged by private practice lawyers. We provide legal support for people seeking resolution with:

  • Criminal charges, adults and youth
  • Child welfare cases
  • Family law matters such as divorce
  • Representation at immigration hearings

Free legal services

LAA legal services offered at no cost are crucial in protecting people’s constitutional rights and immediate safety. All Albertans are eligible. Most interactions are brief.

  • Duty counsel advice
    • Where to find or ask for duty counsel: All provincial courts, including specialty courts, mental health review panels (by request).
  • Representation at bail hearings
  • Brief legal advice by phone at police stations (Brydges line)
  • Immediate legal support obtaining an Emergency Protection Order

Legal Aid Alberta services

Our people


Legal aid services in Alberta are provided by a mix of staff lawyers who are employed by Legal Aid Alberta and contracted private sector lawyers – known as roster lawyers – who do legal aid work in addition to their private practice law.

  • 100 staff lawyers
  • 1,200 roster lawyers

Support staff

Legal Aid Alberta applicants, clients and their lawyers are supported by a team of frontline Client Services staff as well as corporate and administrative professionals.

Our funders

80 per cent of the LAA budget is allocated to Charter of Rights and Freedoms matters and duty counsel services integral to the justice system.

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