Roster Update

Lawyer Directory Launches June 17

May 30, 2024 – Thank you to the members of the roster who have opted in to the Lawyer Directory. Responses continue to come in, and we are pleased to announce that the Lawyer Directory has an anticipated launch date of June 17.

The Lawyer Directory will be a searchable list of Legal Aid Alberta roster lawyers accessible from our public website. Albertans who are applying for legal aid will be able to use this tool to find preferred counsel, searching by court location, area of law and languages spoken. Don’t miss this opportunity to make it easier for clients to find youtake one minute today to opt in.

If you would prefer not to be included in the Lawyer Directory, we would be grateful for your response on the signup form below indicating your intention to opt out, so that we know not to contact you about signing up for the Directory in the future.

Advising LAA of outcomes

When a matter is concluded, counsel are required to advise Legal Aid of the outcome of the matter on the final invoice. This information can then be gathered for statistical purposes. As a government-funded organization, business statistics are crucial for making informed decisions, optimizing resource allocation, and demonstrating accountability and effectiveness to stakeholders.

However, if your outcome is that counsel withdrew or that there has been a change of counsel, that information cannot be captured and actioned by the Certificate and Tariff Officers if your final invoice is auto-approved.

Please remember that an Authorization Request is the only way to ensure that a Certificate and Tariff Officer is aware of the situation and can begin the change of counsel process.

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