Criminal Trial Group

Bringing our team’s specialized knowledge to the next level and making it available to Albertans who need it most.

The Criminal Trial Group (CTG) lets us focus our lawyers’ expertise on extremely vulnerable clients who need it the most. This includes coverage under the Youth Criminal Justice Act, as well as some clients who have not indicated a choice of counsel, who come to us with challenges and barriers that require the specialized skills and experience of our staff lawyers to have the best possible access to justice. CTG is an important part of our strategic priority to ensure our services are accessible and delivered fairly to Albertans.

Three ways CTG helps Albertans:

    • Access to justice
    • Services
    • Efficiency

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At Legal Aid Alberta, we help some of Alberta’s most disadvantaged citizens. This is an impactful responsibility. By keeping our focus on staying accountable to Albertans, we’re innovating and re-imagining processes to deliver access to justice, making the best use of our expertise and resources, so that we can make the biggest possible impact in our province.

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