​​Become one of more than 800 lawyers helping Albertans access justice.

Getting Started

If you want to become a part of a network of lawyers providing Albertans with access to justice, apply to become a Legal Aid Alberta roster lawyer. Joining the Legal Aid Alberta roster offers flexibility, variety and a range of opportunities.  

Benefits of being a Roster Lawyer:

  • a reputation of actively giving back to society;
  • an introduction to new areas of law to enhance your knowledge base;
  • junior lawyers get trial experience that is hard to come by early in their career;
  • you can count on receiving payment for your work;
  • law students can take their own cases, with no limit on the number of hours they can do on a lawyer's certificate; and
  • personal fulfillment from giving back to your community.

Roster Eligibility:

  • counsel must be on the Legal Aid Alberta Roster to accept a certificate;
  • counsel eligible to be on the Legal Aid Alberta Roster includes lawyers and students-at-law, registered with the Law Society of Alberta; and
  • in some cases, a lawyer from another Canadian province may be permitted to join the Roster

For more information Counsel can contact the Roster Manager at roster@legalaid.ab.ca or call 1-866-845-3425 and ask to be transferred to the CMO line.