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Authorization requests on civil certificates – immigration

When submitting your additional hours request under tariff 7.05 (civil additional hours), please include the following information. Please be advised that each Certificate is case and fact specific so you must include specifics of the issues facing your client when making any request on Immigration Certificates.

  • Summary of the history of the client’s immigration history.
  • Hearing dates and any adjournments of hearings (and reason for adjournment) or continuations.
  • What are the main issues for the hearing (whatever type)?
  • What is a summary of CBSA’s case against the client or the evidence they seek to rely on?
  • What is a brief summary of the client’s situation or response to the proposed evidence?
  • Inadmissibility or detention review due to criminal convictions or behavior evidence?
  • Identity Issues?
  • What documents or claims is the client relying on?
  • What outcome is the client seeking?
  • What outcome is CBSA seeking if not obvious?

Additional hours

Additional hours requested when added to the base hours on the certificate may NOT exceed double the hours listed below:

Admissibility Hearings – 12 hours
Detention Reviews – 3 hours
Refugee Claims – 12 hours
Refugee Appeals – 25 hours
Judicial Reviews of refugee claims – 25 hours
Removal Appeals – 25 hours

More information:

Requests that do not contain sufficient information to justify the additional hours will not be approved. You will be asked to resubmit the request with more information.

Additional hours are not guaranteed on any certificate and the above guidelines are not average hours required but maximum caps on hours that may be available if justifiable.

Please attach time records to your request.

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