Roster Update

New tariff rate in effect since Oct. 6, modernization ongoing

October 14, 2022

Legal Aid Alberta has received some questions from roster lawyers and our partners in the justice system about legal aid services in relation to the job action by some criminal defence lawyers. We know this is an uncertain time for many in our community. We commit to keeping you informed.

Tariff hourly rate has increased

  • An increase of 8.225 per cent was applied to the tariff hourly rate, block fees and financial eligibility thresholds as of midnight on Oct. 6, as authorized by the Ministry. Read more
  • The new hourly rate of $100 only applies to certificate offers accepted after midnight on Oct. 6 (the increase does not apply retroactively to certificates accepted prior to Oct. 6).

Tariff modernization is ongoing

  • All roster lawyers have been invited to attend a virtual information session to learn about ongoing work by LAA to modernize the tariff structure.
  • The Government of Alberta has committed to a comprehensive third-party assessment of both the tariff rate and Financial Eligibility Guidelines in spring 2023. LAA will be an active participant. Read more

We’re aware that some roster lawyers are continuing to reject LAA certificates. LAA continues to take all reasonable steps to minimize service disruption.

We’re grateful for the ongoing support and understanding of our community. At this time, Albertans can access legal aid as they always have. We will keep you informed if this changes.

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