Roster Update

Team effort: Modernized LAA tariff proposal makes its way to the Ministry of Justice as scheduled

November 4, 2022

Legal Aid Alberta has fulfilled its commitment of proposing a modernized tariff framework for staff and roster lawyers.

Phase One of the Tariff Modernization Project concluded on Oct. 31 when LAA sent a proposal for a simplified tariff to the Ministry of Justice.

The tariff team worked closely with roster lawyers and LAA staff lawyers who interact with the tariff structure daily to gain valuable insights on what is and isn’t working.

On Oct. 26 and 28, and Nov. 2 and 3, roster lawyers and LAA staff members and lawyers were invited to participate in hour-long info sessions to learn more about the ongoing tariff modernization work. Approximately 200 people signed up to be a part of these sessions.

We are grateful for your support and contributions. Please stay tuned for more news and information pieces in the weeks and months ahead.

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