Roster Update

Remember: You can interim bill your Legal Aid accounts

February 12, 2021

We know the pandemic has had a dramatic impact on Alberta’s economy – and Alberta’s lawyers are no exception. We wanted to remind our roster lawyers that you have the option of issuing an interim account on your outstanding certificates. Instead of waiting until a file is complete, you can send us an invoice for the work you’ve completed to date.

You can also invoice us for your disbursements, so we can reimburse you for out-of-pocket costs you’ve incurred on a file. Interim billing not only helps you manage your cash flow – it also helps LAA get a clearer sense of our own expenses, which helps us during our budgeting process.

LAA encourages all of our roster lawyers to review their outstanding files. If you’ve completed substantial work on the file, or if you’ve incurred significant disbursements, please submit an interim invoice before March 15, if possible, so we can process your account before LAA’s fiscal year end.

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