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New duty counsel scheduling system goes live for small group of test users

August 25, 2021 – Duty counsel scheduling is moving from different systems for every court to one centralized system for all of Alberta.

The new system is called Shiftboard. It’s a flexible, one-stop-shop to create and check duty counsel schedules on desktops or phones. The system is currently being tested by 10 users among LAA staff and roster. All users will be trained and provided access in the coming months.

If you are a duty counsel lawyer on the LAA roster, please keep an eye on your inbox for opportunities to learn about the system.

One of Legal Aid Alberta’s principal responsibilities to the justice system and Albertans is to provide reliable and effective duty counsel to courtrooms across the province.   A centralized system creates efficiencies, ultimately reaching and serving more Albertans who need it.

Innovation is a strategic priority for LAA. Adopting a more efficient duty counsel scheduling process aligns with LAA’s strategic priorities.

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