When Alberta Child and Family Services take a child from their parents, they are supposed to consider the benefit of placing the child with their extended family.  

Child and Family Services have a kinship care program in which they try to place children with blood relatives. If you are interested in this, you should contact Child and Family Services. They will do an initial screening process that includes a criminal record check, a child intervention check, and a home safety check. If that goes well, the child can be placed with you until the rest of the process is completed. You will then have to get personal references, get a medical reference, attend training classes, and undergo a home study. It is completely Child and Family Services’ choice to place the child with you.

If Child and Family Services agree to place the child in your care, you can apply for a private guardianship order after the child has lived with you for a month. You will need to get Child and Family Services to write a report that says you would be a good guardian.

If the child is not placed in your care, you can apply for guardianship under the Family Law Act if you have had the child in your care at some point for at least six months.


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