If you wish to make a complaint to Legal Aid Alberta about a person who you believe, for whatever reason, is receiving assistance from Legal Aid Alberta and should not be, your complaint will be investigated in accordance with Legal Aid Alberta policies and with the laws governing privacy.

Legal Aid Alberta will confirm it has received your complaint and that the complaint will be investigated. We cannot provide any indication of whether or not the individual about whom you have complained has received, is receiving or is entitled to receive assistance from Legal Aid Alberta. 

Due to the constraints imposed by privacy laws, Legal Aid Alberta will not report to you on the status or outcome of your complaint. Should the person you have complained about be a client of Legal Aid Alberta, your complaint will be placed on their file. If that person requests a copy of the complaint it will be supplied to them as it is personal information and governed by privacy laws. You can send your comments to clientconcerns@legalaid.ab.ca.