​​Eligibility guidelines are listed below.  If you believe you fall within these guidelines, call the Legal Services Centre (1.866.845.3425) or visit one of our offices. 


All youth are eligible to receive representation (a lawyer) for criminal matters through Legal Aid Alberta, as this is mandated under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. When you, or a legal representative, contact the Legal Services Centre, they will explain the process for representation.

For adult matters, when determining your eligibility for legal assistance, Legal Aid Alberta will look at both service and financial eligibility.

Service Eligibility

Legal Aid Alberta offers coverage for many legal issues, but not all. Legal assistance is most often provided for:

  • serious criminal charges;
  • charges laid under the Youth Criminal Justice Act;
  • family law issues;
  • child welfare matters;
  • civil law issues, such as adult guardianship/trusteeship (when the client is the subject of the application) and income support; and,
  • immigration/refugee claims.

Financial Eligibility

This is determined by the net family income for the last 30 days and last 12 months, family size and assets.

A family consists of the applicant, their spouse and any dependents, such as children or a common-law spouse.

Income is generally described as any money you received over the course of the last year. This includes, but is not limited to, employment earnings, lottery winnings, income support, child support, spousal support, money received by family members, insurance settlements or proceeds from the sale of an asset. We consider some expenses when calculating net income,​​ such as; if you are paying child support, spousal support or day care fees. There are also limits on the assets you can have when considering eligibility for services. These will be explained to you when you contact Legal Aid Alberta.

Financial Eligibility Guidelines

If your income falls within the amounts listed below, you may be eligible for legal representation and to have a lawyer appointed. Representational services are not free. Repayment will be discussed with you if a lawyer is appointed.

Financial Eligibility Guidelines (FEG)     
Family Size123456+
Monthly Income$1,668$2,066$2,940$3,178$3,416$3,655
Annual Income$20,021$24,788$35,275$38,134$40,995$43,855