​​Legal Aid Alberta assists eligible clients with the following immigration and refugee matters:

  • refugee claims;
  • judicial reviews of failed refugee claims;
  • detention reviews;
  • refugee appeals;
  • admissibility hearings (for people facing criminal deportation/removal); and
  • removal appeals to the Immigration Appeal Division.

When you contact Legal Aid Alberta's Legal Services Centre, an assessment will be completed to determine the best service option for your legal issue. If your legal issue is eligible to receive the services of a lawyer, Legal Aid Alberta will appoint a lawyer. If you are a temporary worker or your issue is not within the services covered, the Legal Services Centre may have information or referrals that will assist in resolving your issue.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada can assist with issues such as: sponsorship and appeals, work permits, visitor visas, humanitarian complaints, pre-removal risk assessments and obtaining Canadian citizenship. You can reach its office at 1.888.242.2100 or at http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/.