Sometimes it is hard to recognize family violence, especially when you are being victimized.

Family violence is:

  • an injury to family members or damage to property that is intended to intimidate or harm a family member;
  • any act or threat that causes a family member to be afraid for their safety or their property, and which is intended to intimidate or harm a family member;
  • forced confinement;
  • sexual abuse; and/or
  • stalking.

Family members are persons who are:

  • or have been married to one another;
  • or have been adult interdependent partners of one another;
  • living together or have lived together in an intimate relationship;
  • the parents of one or more children, regardless of their marital status or whether they have lived together at any time;
  • related to each other by blood, marriage, adoption or by virtue of an adult interdependent relationship;
  • residing together where one of the persons has care and custody over the other pursuant to an order, and
  • children under the care and custody of a person in any of the circumstances listed above.

We can help you by:

  • providing information about your options, regardless of your income;
  • providing referrals to supporting agencies; and
  • helping you to apply for an Emergency Protection Order, and assisting you with documents and court procedures at our Edmonton and Calgary locations. 

Emergency Protection Order Program

Legal Aid Alberta helps victims of family violence through its Emergency Protection Order Program. Offered in Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge (and surrounding areas), there is no cost for obtaining or confirming protection orders and there are no financial eligibility requirements.

The Emergency Protection Order Program provides victims of domestic violence with information and a lawyer who can help them to obtain and confirm protection orders. They attend court on a daily basis to represent Albertans who have experienced violence in their lives. The Emergency Protection Order Program also provides ongoing information, risk assessment and safety plans to victims of family violence.

  • prevent a family member from contacting you and other family members;
  • prevent a family member from coming to your home, school, work or other places;
  • remove a family member from your home; and/or
  • ensure weapons are seized.