LAA Initiatives

As part of our commitment to be a centre of excellence, we are constantly innovating to improve access to justice for Albertans.

Early Appearance Assistance

Connecting Albertans to duty counsel lawyers on criminal matters, up to 14 days before a first court appearance.

Authorization Request Process

Making sure clients are getting the best service at the best price.

Centralized Duty Counsel Scheduling

Duty Counsel — a vital service for all Albertans — will be backed up by a stronger, more consistent system.

Choice of Counsel

Putting our clients on a level playing field by letting them choose their own lawyer.

Change of Counsel

Addressing breakdowns in the lawyer-client relationship faster to minimize delays for clients.

Criminal Trial Group

Bringing our team’s specialized expertise to the next level and making it available to Albertans who need it most.

Duty Counsel Crown Disclosure

Making sure our clients get continuity of service and are connected with the resources they need.

Family Law Assessment

Providing clients with service that’s customized to their situation, connecting them with the right resources early and making sure they know what to expect.

Out-of-Court Duty Counsel

Giving vulnerable clients more time with duty counsel so that they have the resources they need to make life-changing decisions.

Out-of-Custody Triage

Responding to COVID-19 by finding new ways to address matters earlier and reduce in-person trips to the courthouse.

Youth Criminal Law Panel

Ensuring vulnerable Albertans have access to consistent high quality legal representation no matter where they live.

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