Legal Aid Alberta is governed by a Board of Directors. The responsibility of the Board is to ensure that the strategies, goals, policies and directions of the organization are implemented through delegation from the Board to Legal Aid Alberta management.

Want to learn more? Read the Legal Aid Alberta Governance Agreement.

Legal Aid Alberta's Executive Team is led by a President and CEO, who reports to the Board of Directors and holds the office of Secretary to the Board. The President and CEO is responsible for the overall general operations of the organization and leads Legal Aid Alberta‚Äôs executive management team.

The primary responsibility of the Legal Aid Alberta Executive Team is to inform and communicate properly and effectively with the Board of Directors in accordance with the Board's stated goals and objectives. The Executive Team develops Legal Aid Alberta's policies, budget and business plan for approval by the Board, implements new initiatives or other changes to the business plan and responds to the Board and Board Committee requests.


As a registered society incorporated under the provincial Societies Act, Legal Aid Alberta is an organization independent from government, but is accountable to the Minister of Justice & Solicitor General for Alberta and to the Law Society of Alberta. Major sources of funding are:

  • Government of Alberta
  • Government of Canada
  • Alberta Law Foundation

The primary source of funding comes from the Government of Alberta through the Minister of Justice & Solicitor General. Funding from the Government of Canada is received by way of reimbursing the province of Alberta for a portion of its legal aid expenditures. Legal Aid Alberta also receives an annual grant from the Alberta Law Foundation in the amount of a percentage of the money contributed each year from interest earned on lawyers' trust accounts.

Other sources of yearly revenue for Legal Aid Alberta include contributions and cost recoveries from clients (funds received from clients paying for legal services acquired), as well as investment revenue generated from funds on hand.