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YCDO provides legal services on behalf of youths (under 18 years of age) that have been charged with a criminal offence.  The services of the YCDO are available to young persons facing charges in the Youth Courts of Calgary and Edmonton.  LAA lawyers are appointed for youths who have qualified for assistance through Legal Aid Alberta or who have had a lawyer appointed by a youth court Judge.

If a young person wants to have a lawyer but is unable to hire one, the Youth Justice Court judge must refer the young person to a legal aid program.  Should a legal aid program not exist in that area, or if the young person does not qualify for assistance from the legal aid program, the court will appoint a lawyer to represent them. In Alberta, the Attorney General (Alberta Justice) appoints lawyers on behalf of the court. Legal Aid Alberta administers the program through which the Attorney General appoints lawyers to act for young people. This is known as a Court Ordered Counsel Program.

The YCDO can also assist young persons who may not have criminal charges, but who have hearings for traffic matters of appearances before school attendance boards or expulsion hearings.

Specialized Services

YCDO Duty Counsel

YCDO provides legal assistance to unrepresented youth every day in Youth Justice Court (docket courts) in Edmonton and Calgary.  YCDO duty counsel assistance includes:  

  • Providing immediate legal advice
  • making an application for judicial interim release (bail hearings)
  • seeking withdrawal of charges
  • entering of guilty pleas
  • speaking to sentence

Duty Counsel for Detained Youth

In addition to duty counsel at the courthouse, Legal Aid Alberta also provides duty counsel services specifically for detained persons.  This service ensures access to immediate summary legal advice by telephone, for all detained persons in Alberta regardless of their financial situation.  (You do not need to qualify for legal aid to access this service.)

YCDO lawyers provide this service (including after hours and weekends) to young persons who are detained and in need of immediate legal advice.  The primary restriction on this service is that it is for young persons who have been arrested pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act or under provincial legislation only. 

Social and Youth Workers

Young persons who have found themselves in legal trouble often have special needs that must be addressed.  Unfortunately there are a number of problems, which can include homelessness, addiction, sexual and/or physical abuse, fetal alcohol spectrum disorder, and learning disabilities.  Unaddressed, these problems often contribute to conflict with the law.

YCDO social and youth workers can assist young persons with finding housing, education or work programs, and counseling.  They may advocate for young persons within the Child Welfare, health care, or education systems.  Their role is to address the issues underlying the criminal behaviour in order to assist in the young person’s rehabilitation.

 Contact Information


Youth Criminal Defence Office
6th floor, 10310 Jasper Avenue (Melton Building)
Edmonton, AB  T5J 2W4

Tel: (780) 422-8383 
Fax: (780) 427-9367



Youth Criminal Defence Office
600, 444 5th Avenue SW
Calgary, AB  T2P 2T8

Tel: (403) 297-4400 
Fax: (403) 297-4201