If it has been determined that you are eligible to receive the services of a lawyer to represent you, Legal Aid Alberta will work as quickly as possible to assign a lawyer to your case. Depending on the case, the time for appointing a lawyer will vary. 

 Once You Have Been Approved For Representation and Know the Name of Your Lawyer

  • Write down your lawyer's name and phone number.
  • Call your lawyer's office to make an appointment — do not go to your lawyer's office without calling first.
  • Always call your lawyer to reschedule if you can't keep an upcoming appointment.

Before Meeting With Your Lawyer

  • Write down any questions you have.
  • Make notes of things you want to tell your lawyer at your meetings.
  • Keep all of your legal papers in an envelope or file and bring them to every meeting. It can also be beneficial for you to bring a notebook and pen to your appointments so that you can make your own notes of your meetings.

Legal Aid Alberta will only discuss your case with you or your lawyer. We will not release any information about you or your client file to anyone other than you and the lawyer assigned to assist you, unless you give us your permission to do so.

We may check on the progress of your case and may contact you or your lawyer to ask for updates regarding either your legal issues or changes to your eligibility. You must continue to meet our eligibility requirements throughout your case.