Offered in Edmonton and Calgary (and surrounding areas), this program is free and there are no eligibility requirements.  This means that you do not have to apply for legal aid and/or be granted coverage to access this service.

The Emergency Protection Order Program provides clients with information and access to lawyers that can help them to obtain and confirm protection orders. These lawyers are LAA lawyers who work at the Family Law Office and attend court on a daily basis to represent clients who have experienced violence in their lives. The EPOP also provides ongoing information, risk management tools and safety plans to assist victims of family violence.

What Things Can An Emergency Protection Order Include?

An Emergency Protection Order can:

  • Prevent a family member from contacting you and other family members
  • Prevent a family member from coming to your home, school, work, or other places.
  • Remove a family member from your home
  • Seize weapons

What Constitutes As Family Violence?

Family violence can sometimes be difficult to recognize, especially when being victimized by it.  Family violence can be any of the following:

  • Injury to a family member or damage to property, either of which is intended to intimidate or harm a family member 
  • Any act or threat that causes a family member to be afraid for their safety or their property and which is intended to intimidate or harm a family member
  • Forced confinement
  • Sexual abuse
  • Stalking

Who are 'family members'?

  • Persons who are or have been married to one another
  • Persons who are or have been adult interdependent partners of one another
  • Persons who are living together or have lived together in an intimate relationship
  • Persons who are the parents of one or more children, regardless of their marital status or whether they have lived together at any time
  • Persons who are related to each other by blood, marriage, adoption or be virtue of an adult interdependent relationship
  • Any children under the care and custody of a person in any of the circumstances listed above
  • Persons who reside together where one of the persons has care and custody over the other pursuant to an order


Is there anyone at the courthouse who can help me?

Lawyers at the Family Law Office provide duty counsel service to assist applicants with the initial application for the Emergency Protection Order in Provincial Court. Please contact the Legal Services Centre for more information on when Duty Counsel is available.


 Contact Info

If you or members of your family are victims of family violence, please call the Emergency Protection Order program:

In Edmonton: 780-422-9222

In Calgary: 403-355-4868

In Lethbridge:

If you have been assaulted or if the threat of danger is immediate, call 911 or your local police department/RCMP detachment.