​​Your Lawyer's Responsibilities

  • to help you with your legal problem. Your lawyer will only be able to help you with the legal matters approved in your application with Legal Aid Alberta;
  • to explain your rights and the laws that relate to your problem;
  • to discuss the options of your case, possible outcomes and risks. With your lawyer's assistance, you will choose the option that is best for you, and your lawyer will then take the necessary steps to help you resolve your legal problem;
  • to give you an estimate of how long it will take to resolve your legal issue; and/or
  • to explain the limitations of your coverage with Legal Aid Alberta, such as letting you know how many hours they are allowed to spend on your case.

 Your Responsibilities

  • it is your responsibility to contact your lawyer and make arrangements to discuss your case; 
  • be completely honest with your lawyer. Lawyers respect your right to confidentiality and can help you better when they know everything about your case;
  • read everything your lawyer gives or sends to you and ask questions if you don't understand something;
  • your lawyer has a limited number of hours they can work and bill Legal Aid Alberta for your case, so be respectful of how you use your lawyer's time and be willing to take an active role in your case. In doing so, you can avoid paying a higher legal bill; and
  • you must notify your lawyer and Legal Aid Alberta of any changes in your financial situation or personal contact information.

Change of Counsel 

Change of counsel is the term used when a client is not satisfied with the service they are receiving from their lawyer and they wish to request a new lawyer to represent them for the remainder of their case. 

If you disagree with your lawyer, always start by talking to your lawyer about the issue, advice or instructions that are causing concern. If after talking to your lawyer you are still unable to agree, call the Legal Services Centre at 1.866.845.3425 or submit the form below. You may be asked to write Legal Aid Alberta a letter outlining the problems you have had with your lawyer.

Request for a Change of Counsel

Please be aware that a request for a change of counsel may significantly delay the progress on your file and affect your case.  Changes of counsel are not automatically or always allowed. Repeated requests for change of counsel may result in termination of services.